Enyo Update

2017-04-09 01:47:27 by JayBezzy

Hey whats up people, just wanted to give you guys an update on Enyo !

Soooo where do i start man, i guess i'll start off by saying i've seperated the "offcial episode one." into two parts. The reason behind this decision is that if i did go through with the original run time, the episode would be like 10-15mins, and due to the short attention span of the internet, i dont think someone would want to sit through a 10-15min episode haha, so i cut the the episode into a part one and part two, and the run time should be at least 3-5mins  (im assming of course ). The other reason i split it in half is beacause theres no way id finish it this year, dunno if you guys know this, but i like just started animating in 2016, and i have alot to learn, so there would be no way id be able to finish a 10-15min episode on time.


Secondly im a perfectionist to a dysfuctional degree, and ive re-aniamted the same couple of cuts ive been stuck on twice already, and these cuts are like 8+seconds, so thats holding me up alot, i think i need to just keep pushing on because a finished prodcut is better than a perfect product.

I think that may be it for now, im 30% done with the first episode, and if i aniamte a cut a week, i should have this finished pretty soon, i dunno who all enjoyed the pilot i released here on newgrounds, but if you liked it and are waiting for more, i apologize and ill do my best not to disappoint you guys. 

Also whats been keeping me afloat is the encouragment from my voice actors, the believe in this product more than i do, and im very thankful theyve stuck with me this far.

Thats all for now, please dont expect to much of this project though, dont get to hype, it'll make me nervous X^D






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