2017-01-10 04:05:02 by JayBezzy


alright boys and girls heres the low down with Enyo, the voice actor that was voicng Enyo dropped out on me, which really really really sucked because she was awesome, i have no idea why because i never received clarity on the situation, so that slowed down production alot, since i can't animate a character that i didnt have a voice to. So i scrambled towards the end of 2016 to get a voice actor, and finally got her replaced. Another thing was i just kept redoing cuts because nothing ever seemed right, im a perfectionist to a dysfuctional degree, and that has hindered me a ton, because nothing was ever getting done.

On top of this i was working an ULTRA shitty job in 2016, i was a correctional officer at a maximum security/close custody faciltiy, and as you can imagine it was really rough on me man, but somehow i managed to maintain myself and keep peace of mind and find resolve, but as you can imagine that slowed down the production for enyo since i was dealing with alot of shit internally and externally at the job. 

I lost faith in this project many of times, i feel like maybe i rushed things, and that i should just say fuck it and drop the series all together, but that wouldn't be smart, because i've already came this far in production it would be stupid to just stop. Its funny people have more faith in my project than i do.

I said all that to say this, be on the look out of the offical episode of Enyo in the coming months im working very hard on it, and i hope you guys will enjoy it, and thanks for sticking with me !




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2017-01-10 10:02:48

Sounds like you had a tough time,man but it's great that you didn't give up!It's not easy but keep doing what you love and I wish you all the best!

JayBezzy responds:

thanks bro, i shall persevere !!


2017-01-11 09:39:46

Good for you.man!If you have any more hard times,remember this:http://blog.kaiku.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/teddyroosevelt-inspiration-644x454.jpg

Good luck again!


2017-01-20 03:50:53

I'm glad to know you haven't given up on Enyo.
I've been waiting all of last year for your series to start.
I'll wait another year if I have to.
It's seems very much worth the wait.

On another note, stay safe in jail dude.

JayBezzy responds:

im sorry you've been waiting so long, 2016 was such a struggle man lol, but i haven't given up, no matter how many times i wanted to, i hope you enjoy it when i officially start the series bro !