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commissions !!!

2013-06-04 15:05:31 by JayBezzy

So im willing to do commissions for 10 people, im a pretty versatile artist who can draw in any style so that wont be a problem at all. Just message me on here and tell me what you want and ill do my best to capture what you're looking for. So lets give this a go what do you say ?

$5- for character no background/color
$10-for a character with background (fully colored)

( if i cant do commissions on newgrounds tell me and ill take the post down)


2013-05-20 15:29:20 by JayBezzy



Stop That Shit !!!!

2013-05-13 16:00:07 by JayBezzy

I see this shitty style everywhere, everybody's doing it, its so bad, and requires little artistic effort...i drew this in literally 1 minute.....people are riding physic pebbles dick super hard......let him do his thing and develop you own way of drawing....wtf ? Can you believe people get comissioned to draw stuff like this ?......maybe im butthurt cause no one will comission me...k bye

Stop That Shit !!!!

Can a brotha vent right now ? It's about these new generation of artist out there, who do art for all the wrong reasons. Pseudo popularity has run rampant in the art communities everywhere, and i mean everywhere ! This is not to say that getting followers on twitter, and getting likes on deviantart, facebook, instagram, and newgrounds is bad. Because it always feels good as an artist when people admire you work, It's absolutely gratifying because someone acknowledges your talent. But here's the question to you artist out there, would you still be doing art if no one noticed your work ? Would you still do your so called "passion" if it were covered and swallowed by the shadows ? Would you still draw if you had 10 people on your fanpage instead of 100 ? 20 followers on twitter instead of 1,000 ? 50 views on youtube as opposed to 1,000,000 ? Because if not your intentions with art aren't genuine, and you're doing art just to attain some sort of notoriety, You choose popularity over passion, rather than doing to because you love it. Im saying this because i was a victim of this a while ago. I started a webcomic on tumblr like a year ago and i had 12 followers for the longest time. I got depressed and stopped doing my webcomic, i stopped doing art in general. Then one day it hit me, isn't passion and hard work to produce the end result enough to keep you moving on ? Yes it is, because if you do art because you love it, if you do art because its what gets you up in the morning, if you strive to be a better artist than you were yesterday, you will reap the rewards. Because i didn't stop my webcomic after that i have like 46 followers now and i couldn't be happier. I dunno man it's just do frustrating to see people like that, it's almost an insult to all those artist out there that don't care about the money and fame, but do art because it's soothing, keeps them at ease, and is a big part of their life. I have like 15 people on my fan page but i still draw every single day, i have a list of things that i work on to become better at my craft per say. Im not bragging because im as humble a artist as can be, but also im saying that im not going to let lack of numbers determine future as an artist.


2013-04-12 16:32:42 by JayBezzy


come watch me ^.^

WTF no one watched me, that was one lonely ass stream dawg....

Critiques on my work ?

2013-04-03 03:09:17 by JayBezzy

So as an artist i am always looking to improve, and i want to know what you the newgrounds community thinks about my work thus far. It's ok to be blunt, i dont get butthurt easy, i would just like to realize my weakness and make it a strength. Maybe you have nothing but good things to say O_O who knows but any feedback would be greatly appreciated ! thanks people


2013-03-30 14:42:34 by JayBezzy

Drawing stuff watch me if you'd like^.^


Newgrounds Isnt Dead

2013-03-26 03:13:30 by JayBezzy

I'll make this short and sweet, I hear alot of people on the site say newgrounds is dead, that the content is horrible, and the newgrounds community has gotten plagued with trolls and immature assholes. My response to this is simple, newgrounds is dead because we as the people or community let it die, who else's fault is it ? Ever since egoraptor, hotdiggetydemon, oney, and other popular animators left the site, people just thought it was the end all be all, and they couldn't be more wrong. And what makes it worse is after those major guys left, EVERYONE FOLLOWED SUIT, like a bunch of mindless sheep. Yes it's very sad to see these guys go, i looked up to them in every way,they're super talented animators who i still to this day try to learn from(i've even watched all their cartoons every single one O_O), but they have moved on with their careers and are taking new opportunity's in life. But lets not forget it was here that they got their popularity, it was here they were discovered, it was all here man, newgrounds played a big role in these guys careers ( at least to my knowledge correct me if im wrong) . Now its up to us, its up to our generation of animators to bring new content table that no one has ever seen before, lets set the bar higher, lets be better than the last generation of newgrounds animators if possible, lets be more funny, witty, comedic, ambitious, and creative ! Lets stop recycling the same old shit that every animator has done, stop trying to be egoraptor and be yourself, as an animator and an artist you've developed your own style throughout the years so take advantage of that. I'm so sick of seeing these pokemon cartoons over and over again, im tired of seeing stupid-ass game parodies that fail at being funny, Dont get me started on the DBZ parodies my god (except for oneys his are actually funny), its just so corny man stop it please , you guys are better than that. There was a guy on here i dunno what happened to him but his name is jawnie He started a unfinished series called clogged tubes it it was fresh and original and i totally loved it ! What about this guy jazlyte i dunno if he animates anymore but his shorts are always weird but yet original and not some recycled bullshit like half of the people here do. What about pixmintro have you heard of him ? this guys a beast and is planning on starting his cartoon series called summer rec and its so sick, i like the concept behind the whole story its something new. You guys get what im saying here lol ? Anyways im done venting haha, i have the utmost respect for egoraptor, hotdiggetydemon, oney, and all the rest of you guys out there though, im serious, you guys made me want to animate and i appreciate it. I have been teaching myself how to animate and its going good so far, so hopefully soon i can start a series or create some shorts for you guys. Anyways just think about what i said people peace !
- Jay
P.S sorry for the bad grammar

Smoother line quality

2013-03-13 19:29:56 by JayBezzy

So i do most of my work in flash, and i seem to have a a problem when it comes to getting smooth line quality especially when i animate. So if there are any tutorials or any tips you can throw out to me i'd appreciate it ,much thanks mang !!

Character desigs lawlz

2013-02-20 23:15:08 by JayBezzy

Character design for a couple of animated shorts

Character desigs lawlz